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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Four Again


Finally. A breather.

From work, from DVDs rentals, from watching the LOTR Return of the King Extended DVD set (twice), from digital imaging (love the results - will post on Fotolog, or here, soon enough)*, from winning the latest RDA quiz at SODs (finally! Despite my fucking up on the choice of our joker round - still got 7 questions correct in spite of that - we won the quiz by being able to name the eight reindeer that came before the Rudolph).

And with the festivities of a wedding coming up this weekend, I really need it.


Strangeness is watching the kid you taught in Sec 1 growing up to become an NS man.


Strangeness is also taking on an assistant when I feel I'm still in the process of learning to be better at what I'm doing.


* OK, someone convinced me, so, a teaser:

Waiting #3
Originally uploaded by Terz.

Poem's by Neruda, in case anyone's wondering.


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