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Friday, December 03, 2004

Two again

I know I said in my reply to Nardac's comment yesterday that I wasn't in the mood to be blogging, what, with all the work I've been doing. But after last night's further adventures with the fuckers we call cabbies, I've just got to get this off my chest.

People have been asking me, "What the hell's my problem with cabbies? Why is it that my blog is about nothing about complaints about them?"


Where do I begin?

How about with a little anecdote about how I had to fuckin' call a cab to get from the Bugis area to Robertson Quay, and how the fuckin' cab fare came out to less than the current booking fee?

(I have the receipt to prove it. I didn't believe it last night, I still don't fuckin' believe it now.)

Or how morons had the 'On Call' sign displayed prominently on their windscreens, but would still slow down to see if the fare standing by the side of the road was heading in their direction?

Or about dipstick in SH2600M who was going to Jurong and then when told that I wanted to go to Roberton Quay, said no? Apparently, it's not in the same direction. "Out of the way..." Yeah, fuck that, I'll bend your face out of the way. Or his buddy in SHB2680-something or other, but also in a Yellow Top taxi, who slowed down and sped up again after he drifted past me. What? My cleavage not revealing enough? I wasn't showing enough leg? Didn't have the Jurong or Clementi-bound look? When the fuck did the taxi service industry became a sellers' market rather than a buyers' market?

Or how, despite making claims that cabbies do not disappear when eleven o'clock comes around, cab companies cannot account for the sudden dearth of cabs when it hits the twenty-third hour of the day? But, amazingly, there would suddenly be a cab just round the corner ("your ** cab will arrive in three minutes...") when you make a booking?

Or, despite having x-tens-of-thousand cabs, run by five operators, on the road, they never seem to be around?

How about this for a suggestion?

Close down all the fucking cab operators, sack all the motherfucking cretins driving the cabs, and then give out the thirty thousand taxis COEs to cars. Because the LTA sure as fuck isn't making anyone think twice about forgoing owning a car in favour of taking public transportation. I, for one, am already thinking about getting a car again.

Fuck public transport. World class transport system, my hairy yellow ass.

This explains things enough for you?


On a side note, I'm through.

I give up.

If people aren't going to know what I mean when I say things, then fuck it. I'm not going to keep giving. Or giving in.

I'm not meeting people where/when it inconveniences ME. I'm not going anywhere I don't want to go if I HAVE SOMETHING ELSE ON. And I sure as hell won't be bothering to fit MY PLANS (or even MY LACK OF PLANS) around OTHER PEOPLE'S SCHEDULES, WHIMS AND FANCIES. Especially if OTHER PEOPLE are going to make me spend money I DON'T HAVE to go SOMEWHERE I DON'T HAVE TO, because they're too dense or too self-absorbed to realise it.

So do whatever the fuck you want. I will do what I WANT.

This explains things enough for you?


  • At 7:44 AM, December 03, 2004, Blogger SilverBullet said…

    Not commenting in response to your post. Just thought that I'd wish you a very happy belated birthday.

    You know, I hate going out whenever I'm in Singapore because it's a pain taking cabs and I don't like buses. Will probably have to rent a car or something next visit back.

    That said... public transport in Singapore is actually cheaper and better than alot of the other places I've lived in... especially my current home. I feel like I could get mugged on the bus.

  • At 7:51 AM, December 03, 2004, Blogger Terz said…

    Well, it certainly feels like we're being mugged in a cab. Especially when you know there are cabs around, but you're still forced to call to book one.

    And I don't even know if I'd want to say, "I wouldn't mind having the flag-down start at $6.40 or $6.60, if it means cabs are going to be more visible." (Almost said 'plentiful', but there's plenty of the dicks around as it is.)

  • At 2:52 PM, December 04, 2004, Blogger Little Miss Drinkalot said…

    I so so so agree with you on all points regarding them #*@#!%& cabs.

  • At 6:45 PM, December 07, 2004, Blogger NARDAC said…


    This might seem like it's completely beside the point, but in Paris, the public transport finishes at 12:30am. Yup, too stupid. Imagine, it's a big city and suddenly the metro and buses are finished, while you're still packing in the bar. Yuck. And taxis? Yeah, I think they exist, though I'm not sure. Somebody I know takes them. I see them every once in a blue moon. They're expensive.

    All this was fine up until the end of September because the weather was still nice enough to ride your bike. But after being traumatized by three or four icy downpours, I hang up my boots. It's nice to stay at home.

    YOU, my friend, don't have the excuse of weather, ha ha ha!

  • At 5:06 PM, December 08, 2004, Blogger Terz said…

    Well, that said, the French do not claim to have a 'World Class Transportation System', do they?

    If we want to be 'world-class', then we better have 'world-class' on practice rather than only on paper.

  • At 11:36 PM, December 11, 2004, Blogger cour marly said…

    Happy belated too!

    As for taxis, I used to work in of Orchard Road and on the days I fly I have to take a cab. The booking, ERP and CBD surcharges total up to more than the fare: $3.20+$2.50+$0.50+$1.00. Bloody ridiculous.


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