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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Taken down

The End #1
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So Glimpses of Light came down on Friday night, no fanfare, no media, just [most of] the people involved in the process from start to sad, unexciting end when the lights got turned off for the last time. There were some people who came by and walked through the suddenly empty exhibition space; two hours too late, we wanted to tell them. It was here for two weeks; it got extended for a couple more days. Where were you then?

Got a blister on my shooting thumb from trying to peel the double-sided tape off the backs of the prints. Not good.

Then spent the rest of the evening where the wait staff are wearing what looks like "NJC PE t-shirts". Think I fell sick from that night... same achy, fluey, phlegmy pain from two weeks ago when I didn't have enough sleep and the cough was muy bad.

Again, not good.

Not when I'm 60% 100% confirmed heading off with the second medical team sent from Singapore to Nias. Probably won't be updating the blog from tonight onwards since I'll be preparing to go away, will be away and will be recovering from being away.

The End #2
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Um, so, see ya soon.


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