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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Few words, pics

The lone flautist in the hotel lobby.

Originally uploaded by Terz.

Originally uploaded by Terz.

Lunch in a Kintamani restaurant, so-so food, buffet-style, overlooking Mount and Lake Batur.

Originally uploaded by Terz.

Sunset at Kuta Beach,

Originally uploaded by Terz.


Originally uploaded by Terz.

And Jimbaran.

Originally uploaded by Terz.

More images (some only for Friends and Family) are here.

Obviously I wasn't there on a shoot. The camera, which I'd brought along despite the lengthy debate I had with myself whether or not to, was in the hotel room safe for most of the time, taken out with the missus and I only when we went on day trips away from our quiet little corner on Tanjong Benoa beach in the heart of Nusa Dua. So I was content with just the camera phone for the first three days of the vacation. And even then, I wasn't as trigger-happy as I usually am on such trips.

I was there to rest. And I think I did.


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