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Monday, August 01, 2005


You know, I like AXN.

I love the programming, I love it that they air TAR, CSI and Lost (even despite the fact that they had to start screening the series after Mediacrap's Channel 5 did - apparently some contractual thing - I like how it's like a personal 'fuck-you' from them to be screening the Lost marathon every Saturday). I like how their screening times don't change to make way for other shows because I really like turning on the television set at a certain time and see the programme I was planning to watch in the first place (unlike some idiot station that changes, weekly, shows starting a) on time, b) fifteen minutes later, c) half an hour later, d) one hour later, and e) not aired at all, without notification, and so on).

I like that AXN doesn't screen the really good shows at ungodly times, then cancel the next seasons because "there isn't enough viewership to justify buying that series from the American networks." (If I'm not wrong, the latest season of The West Wing began on 5 between the hours of midnight and 1 a.m. some time ago, but of course, no one knew about it, and we've long since given up on catching it Channel 5; and "Scrubs" returned to the boobtube a fortnight ago, at the very prime hour of 2 a.m. or 2.30 a.m..)

Uh, yeah. Have all of you highly-paid studio execs, who are probably too busy organising the nth Star Charity event in the year, figured out why yet?

Lately though, the love affair's kinda soured: I hate it that the editors now choose to cut away to ads at the most inopportune time, sometimes cutting off the last bit of dialogue or action. I hate it that programmes don't cut away to ads at the points in the shows where the creators meant for them to do so. I hate it that I have to rush through a toilet break and come back to catch the start of the next segment, only for the show to go to commercial breaks within five minutes. I hate it that the teaser ads are getting really crappy (did someone get fired and now the job's in the hands of some fifteen-year old moron?).

But I especially loathe the latest ads that congratulate us, the viewers, for being part of the "the elite of Asia" watching AXN. Excuse me? Elite?

AXN Elite
Originally uploaded by Terz.

First of all, why are you reducing yourself to the level of that not-to-be-named local broadcast company and patting yourselves on the back for higher viewership? Is that even necessary? If people are watching you, they'll keep watching you. If they're not, then they wouldn't be contributing to making you guys the most watched international TV station in Asia, would they? Self-important, self congratulations? How very LC.

And secondly, and I ask again, "Elite of Asia?" Who the hell came up with that copy and who the hell signed off on it? Way to alienate the rest of your viewing public, dudes.

Not a good idea.

Not good at all.


  • At 12:33 PM, August 26, 2005, Blogger Marc Kenji Lim said…

    Hey, just wanna say: great blog. Stumbled onto the PERTH review; not so coincidentally, my friends and I were lamenting the number of continuity errors in local films after yet another Screen Singapore session. Anyway, this AXN thing, while cringeworthy on soooo many levels, is just a commercial for all their would-be advertisers and sponsors lah. You probably already know this, but thought you'd wanna know that you're not alone on this M****c***esque 'oh look, we're the tops in our dodgy poll' bull.


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