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Friday, December 17, 2004


Just had to search my university's database for the alumni thingy tonight because I'd foolishly deleted the email with all the information, and I couldn't find what I'd wanted searching Yellow Pages or even Green Book (all I had were the notion that we're meeting in a pub and that the pub was along Boat Quay).

We so need a better search engine for goods/ services in Singapore; it's apparent, to me anyway, that the Yellow Pages isn't doing its job.


Resting at home now. Spent the bulk of last night and very early this morning going through the look for the new series I'm working on.

In about three hours, I'll be leaving for Parkway Parade, where the missus is picking up a new batch of disposable contact lenses, then to Boat Quay for the alumni drinkathon, and finally to International Plaza for a stag party (of the non-boozing sort, apparently - it might be all-night Battletech, for all I know).

Hmm. Booze. Wargames. Possibility of a LOTR extended DVD marathon...

I need more rest.


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