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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Six Before 6

Man, some people, despite what they say or how they act, are way too full of themselves.



Anyone else wishing that 24 December would just come and go, quickly, so that we won't have to sit through another showing of the "Three Kings in Beijing" TV trailer? I mean, 'Moon River' is cloying enough not to have it sung three-tenors style.

(And somewhere in Singapore, a Singapore Idol reject is saying, "See? See? It works!")


The new Navy ad: here.

Putting the whole 'Huh?' factor aside - I mean, c'mon, seriously, who's going to take any military force seriously? Transmariners...? Sigh - I'm just wondering who the heck in the ad agency thought of that, and who in the NRC signed off on this?

This just in:

The Chief of Navy's Office has just released this statement: "With immediate effect, the Chief of Navy will be known as Optimus Prime. He's more than meets the eye!"


"Something tells me you're real sweet... Can I have a sample??

chat w me? I'm waiting... :)

sms Hi to

Uh, can I puke? Can I sue?

I don't want these messages in my SMS inbox.



Amazing how many ex-students, acquaintances one can run into while Christmas shopping:

- 4 ex-students (including the one who looks like Slyvester Sim, with the purple hair);

- 1 videographer from the last movie I was on; and

- 2 ex-girlfriends: one by herself, the other with a kid.

- ...


I hate the holidays.


The wedding on the weekend was a mess of blurred images, memories of a pain of some sort throughout the day and of waking up to a glorious sunrise streaming through the large windows of our room at the Ritz-Carlton. And oh! People (I hesitate to use the actual term running about in my head) calling Kay and I, "cameramen".

OK, here it is, and I won't repeat myself: I am not a cameraman. I have a camera, yes. But that doesn't make me a cameraman. That makes me a photographer (or as the cabbie one day had to be told: FOE-toh-GRAPH-er). Please don't call me anything else but that.


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