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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Update from Medan

Well, I'm back from Nias and writing at the Medan Secretariat of Mercy Relief. More updates on that trip (with images) at a later date. It's another 3 hours before my flight out and I'm taking this opportunity to relax for a bit before boarding.

For now:

1. It's amazing that the sun in Medan burns as brightly as Singapore, but it doesn't feel as hot. Probably because there are more tree-lined boulevards here than in Singapore. Who's 'Clean and Green' now?

2. Nias is a wonderful place. Was. Still is. Beautiful beaches, great sunsets. Friendly people. Just the threat of a 4 to 6.8 on the Richter scale aftershock once in a while. Had three medium-sized ones while I was there, even though I slept throught the first one. The other two happened on the same night, one hour apart. Freaky, really. But still slept like a baby after that.

3. Am leaving early because of other work commitments, but the medical team is still there.

4. I am told that the Brothers Amazinorov were booted from TAR while I was away, so there's 60% of the entertainment value of this season gone. Romber came in first again, so I guess this is as as good a time as any to reiterate: this will be the final season of TAR I'll watch if they win. Really. There's only so much smugness one can take before it becomes a turn-off.

5. ...

Um, OK, nothing else to update without spoiling the entries for the Nias trip, so I'll just go watch TV now.


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