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Friday, June 03, 2005


Originally uploaded by Terz.

Haven't been posting because of a very bad case of... well, ennui.

Just had to turn down a shoot this weekend because of copyright issues. What gets me is that, even for someone who works at the authority that handles copyright issues, people don't understand that when you take away the rights to a photographer's images, then there's really very little separating him from any other shutter-monkey.

Had a rather heated exchange about it last night that didn't really feel any better this morning.

But that's past and the bridges are probably burnt. But I still have my integrity. Doesn't pay, but it's all I've got.


  • At 2:03 PM, June 04, 2005, Blogger Beach-yi said…

    Maybe I watched too much American shows, but I thought rights to works by photographers are released inly after they signed an agreement?

    Please see movie: Suddenly 33 or reference.

    Are there such arrangements in Singapore?

  • At 2:21 PM, June 04, 2005, Blogger  said…

    hang in there. integrity is good.

  • At 4:02 PM, June 04, 2005, Blogger Neil said…

    To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man. - william shakespeare

    Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value. - albert einstein

    You are living the life you want, with integrity :

    "Once I get you up there, Where the air is rarefied" - frank sinatra

    "People are always good company when they are doing what they really enjoy" - Samuel Butler

    Mate - you have The Bard, The Genius, The Voice, and "The True Blue Englishman" on your side so how can you be wrong?

  • At 8:13 PM, June 04, 2005, Blogger  said…

    nice one neil!

    and me! i'm on your side too, T!

  • At 10:50 PM, June 04, 2005, Blogger Terz said…

    beach-yi - I think it's the same in Singapore... image rights automatically belong to the photographer, but they may be released to the client upon the payment of a very, very large fee. My problem with what happened that night was that I wasn't even going to be allowed to use the images for my portfolio, even if I chose to use them for such a purpose in the first place, without first having to ask for permission to use them.

    儒 and Neil - Thanks guys.


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