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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

And in my schedule, flurries

Haven't been posting because, in between shooting a dear friend (well, two dear friends - one last Sunday and another the previous one) at a studio and collecting a cheque for my most recent job, I've been looking into preparations for what's ostensibly a retreat for photographers and the launch of Photography Month in KL.

OK. Fine. Not so much a retreat. A drunken booze party. Happy?

It took me a while to decide to go, though.

For starters, it'll be a bit of a rush on Friday to make the night train, seeing that I'm scheduled to be shooting at Cages that day and be present at the launch of the Eye é City exhibition at MITA later in the evening. And to top that off by rushing to the train station with all my gear and a sleeping bag by ten?

This weekend also happens to be another off-road trip to Desaru. But since the missus can't make it (again!) this time because of work (really, I don't see how she's doing the 5-day week thing at all), I can probably give sleeping in mosquito- and leech-infested parts of the Malaysian jungle a miss.

But the bigger deal? I have (looking at it's going to be a 'had') an invite to attend the launch of the Canon EOS-20D (drool) at BARcelona this Sunday...

Then again, what better way to end my detox period by having a drunken booze party?


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