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Friday, June 24, 2005


Mac Walk
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We'd heard everything about this: from the morons who brought with them strollers for the hike (yes, please look in a dictionary and find out the meaning of that word), the idiots who didn't bring water with them, to the spoilt brats who thought it was too hard on them.

Too hard? 10 km? You think?

Then again, it was a tad disappointing that we had to walk 5.6 km there to find out that the tree-top walk was a mere 300 metres (or less? It could have been more. I wouldn't know. It took less time than I'd expected to just across the bridge). Then it was another 5.5 km back to our starting point via the roundabout route.

Go figure.

But the crab dinner was good though. Made up for last week's disappointment.


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