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Saturday, June 25, 2005


Slept twelve hours the previous night to make up for the lackness-of-sleep of the previous week. Interestingly, there was very little pain from the walk at MacRitchie, just a general stiffness of joints and an unwillingness to get out of bed, even when I had to.

But a full day was to be had.

First, a shoot. Won't get into that, except to say that it was rain-delayed.

Then, an opening at Objectifs to attend. Go. It's fun.

Following that, another party to go to. Ondine's birthday celebrations. And in the spirit of this year's birthday celebrations (well, the last two anyway), that meant surprise parties on Game Night.

Because it was rush hour, on a Friday night, I called for a cab. Figured it was the surest way to get from Point A to Point B.

But: "Mister Teo! Where are you!"

Says the irate cabbie. Of course it would have helped if he had been waiting outside the actual address instead of being somewhere in the vicinity of the wannabe go-go bar further up the street.

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Said birthday girl was duly surprised and the popiah-eating began in earnest, though the boys' hearts and minds were obviously drifting in the direction where the computers have been set up for fraggin'.

Take 2
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We should have gamed more. If we had, we wouldn't have learnt of the certain fetish for hairy knees of one of the guys - Not. Me. - Played a little Star Wars Trivia Pursuit though, so that satisfied our geek inclinations for a while.

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Afterwards, we adjourned to Wala Wala, where the wait staff helpfully lets you know that it's closing time by banging the tables and chairs around while they're stacking them. And where I've had my most expensive pint of beer ever. $18.80. For a pint.

Closing Time
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Now, I need to sleep.


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