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Monday, June 27, 2005


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There are dumbass rules and regulations/ procedures, and then there are dumbasses who enforce them without thought or regard.

Was at Millenia Tower to return the printer on loan for the Mercy Relief job when I get stopped at the security counter:

"I'm sorry, you're making a delivery. You'll have to use the counter at B1."

"I'm not making a delivery. I'm returning a printer."

"You'll have to go to B1."

"For the last time, I'm not a deliveryman. I'm returning a printer to Epson."


I hope security officer MAGEN is intelligent and sensible enough to feel stupid at having to speak the words of the administration as I did when I had to do it in a previous incarnation. I bet if I weren't wearing a t-shirt and torn jeans - and looking like Joe Generic Deliveryman - I'll probably get better treatment. Then again, it's my day off, so fuck you, I'll dress as I please.

So much for meritocracy if all interactions are to be based upon appearance. But, I am a graduate and making more money in one week than Magen will see in a month.

So I guess everything's fair.


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